Wonderlab at The Science Museum

Kidadl's Hannah went along with her three children aged five and under – here are her top tips.


The Wonderlab

It’s always rather fabulous when something with “Wonder” in the title lives up to its name. We visited the Wonderlab at the Science Museum this morning and it was excellent from start to finish. As this has already been reviewed by several Kidadlers I will give more of a factual outline to help you plan your visit.

The lab is on the third floor – take the lifts or stairs immediately ahead of you as you enter the museum and then follow the corridor along to the ticket booth. For those of you based around town I would recommend the ticket that allows unlimited re-entry for a year as it’s good value at £39 for a family of 4 (kids under 4 go free).

When to go?

The Wonderlab itself is pretty extensive, with maybe 50 different exhibits and areas to discover from light to matter and a load in between. Kids of every age from toddlers to 10+ will find the exhibits engaging as they can be appreciated on a variety of levels. We spent around two hours in the lab itself which included a visit to one of the science shows that run throughout the day in the auditorium at the back.

When we arrived at 10ish the lab was empty, and by 11.30am it was mayhem but it we still didn’t have to wait long, a matter of minutes, for some of the activities. There are staff spread around widely who explain some of the experiments and man the most popular areas.

What’s Nearby

There is a picnic area by the Wonderlab and an ice cream parlour/cafe, and another Science Museum cafe nearby on the second floor (though this one is limited to sandwiches and coffee/cake). Lots of restaurants a short walk away at the bottom of Exhibition Road. Comptoir Libanais has a good kids’ menu but there can be a queue. Honest Burger is round the corner and there are lots of other choices by South Ken Tube.

Overall, the Wonderlab gets a massive Kidadl thumbs up – don’t miss it!

Open 7 days a week from 10am to 6pm.
Wonderlab at the Science Museum, Exhibition Road, South Kensington, London, SW7 2DD

Kidadl In The Know

Top tips to ensure you make the most of your outing


Babies and young kids can be given noise reducing headphones for the shows in the auditorium – just ask when you arrive


They have a buggy park within the auditorium for use when you are watching a show and buggies are fine throughout the rest of the lab.


Spend a few £ extra to get the ticket which allows unlimited re-entry for the year so you don’t need to do everything at once.

Best Time to Visit

If you arrive early head to the slides and pulleys at the back on the left, these tend to have the longest queues when the lab gets busier.


On Sundays and bank holidays you can find parking easily (when visiting in the morning, packed by the avo) on Kensington Road.

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