Trent Park

Oct 18, 2017

Lovely Countryside

For those of you looking for a bit of fresh air this half term with a chance to linger for longer than at a local park then take a look at Trent Park. It is an absolutely massive space that is perfect for scooting and biking amidst lovely countryside.

There is a small but well appointed playground next to the cafe which serves loads of kid-friendly food both indoor and outdoor and has an ice cream and doughnut store outside. The park also houses an animal rescue centre with lots of local wildlife to see and a run-down yet cute playground within the centre (this area costs a few pounds to enter).



For older kids you have the Go Ape experience which is also situated in the main park. Parking is free and you can easily access the park from Oakwood tube if you don’t have a car. Kids portions at the cafe were huge when we went and could easily be split between two kids. Will definitely return!

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