Aug 14, 2017

Never disappoints!

Taking four kids aged 4-8 to Kidzania was always sure to be a fun-packed experience and it didn’t disappoint! I am an attention-to-detail kinda gal and it was fab to visit an attraction that really goes the extra mile.

Entiry City for Kids

For those who have missed the Kidzania hype the place is an entire “city” for kids to explore and try out pretty much every municipal job going, from manning the emergency services to running a radio station, newspaper, shop and even delivering parcels. Kids can also try out a stint as BA cabin crew or as a pilot and, as you arrive, the whole experience is geared up to feel like you’re checking in at the airport which is a very clever way of handling “tagging” the kids and getting your timed entry to kick off.

Firefighting or Chocolate Making?

Every ticket gives you a 4 hour experience (your wrist tag will then time out so you can’t access further activities when the time expires) and on an off peak day you could comfortably fit in 5-7 activities, moving to 4-6 if it’s really busy. Our kids absolutely loved the firefighter experience (travelling on a fire engine and putting out a hotel fire with water canons), the courier services (delivery and collecting parcels all over Kidzania – the way they manage it is fantastic) and the chocolate making at cadburys on the mezzanine floor (although not enough free chocolate for their liking!)

Great Learning Experience

As above, attention to detail is great throughout and a huge amount of thought and creativity has gone into planning the experience for kids. Just seeing the tiny “babies” in incubators which the kids can take care of in the neonatal ward is one of many examples. Having kids learn the value of money by using Kidzania’s own currency throughout, and by spending and earning “Kidzos” (plus visiting the city bank if they wish to deposit funds) is also an experience.

Kidadl In The Know

Top tips to ensure you make the most of your outing

Best Time to Visit

Plan in advance! Think about the activities your kids will love (show them the map in these pics) so you don’t use up valuable time once there.

The BA cabin crew/pilot experience is very popular so head up at 11am when the mezzanine floor opens if your kids are keen on an aviation experience.

By lunchtime the place is busy so opt for the slots pre 10.30am or post 3pm if you can.


Kids over 8 can be left in situ once they’re checked in. Under 8s need to be accompanied by parents/carers although adults can’t join the activities (unless children have special needs).


There are a number of eateries on site serving the usual burgers/pizza and snacks. Picnics aren’t allowed although that didn’t stop a load of people on our visit!

We capped off the day with frozen yoghurt at Snog on the lower ground floor of the mall which put a nice cherry on top of our day.


Official photographers are everywhere and you get shown the shots of the kids as you leave. £12 a pop!


Parking all day at Westfield was £8 (park in the Kidzania designated area) otherwise it’s next to White City tube and accessed via Westfield shopping centre

Special Tip

You enter just by H&M in Westfield.

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