Grotto & Santa Train, Springtime Nurseries, Crews Hill

Dec 15, 2017

Springtime Nurseries

We ventured this morning to Springtime Nurseries for a festive train ride like no other! Even at 10am the car park was full so we parked at Phoenix Rose across the road, which was super easy.

Getting there

The queue at that point was maybe 20 minutes long and it passed quickly as we had a band of dancing polar bears to watch and everyone was in the festive spirit. The centre staff are all dressed in full elf regalia and at the end of the queue a chief elf takes your payment (cards as well as cash accepted, a total bargain at £8 a child and £2 for an adult).

Santa Train Ride

You then jump on board Santa’s train and enjoy the most magical ride through a sea of twinkly lights and a myriad of Christmas scenes including polar bears, the nativity, Santa’s toy factory, eskimos, snowmen – the list goes on! It rather reminded me of “It’s a Small World” at Disney, albeit the Enfield version!!

The train ride lasts around 8 minutes (which feels pretty generous) and you then arrive at Santa’s home. Each family group is then asked to follow a different coloured line to meet Santa (spoiler alert – Santa has been cloned and there must be at least 8 of them in situ  – kids won’t realise tho as all kept separate!)

Santa’s “Golden Ticket”

After a chat and a photo opportunity (£3.50) you are then given a “golden ticket” by Santa and the elves show you to his toy shop where each child can pick ANY toy in the shop as part of the ticket price. Was done so well and was extremely magical for the kids.

All in all a massive Kidadl thumbs up for this experience. One not to miss! NB Crews Hill station is walking distance away for those without a car.
Happy holidays all!

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