Cutty Sark & Maritime Museum

Feb 27, 2018

Greenwich Has It All

Ever looking for an outing that works for the whole family, from babies to teenagers? If so then Greenwich is the place for you! From history, to seafaring, eating out, parklife and play areas this place really does have it all.

Royal Naval College

We started at the Royal Naval College, a series of beautiful Oxbridge-style buildings adjacent to the Thames that offer for lovely views, a runaround for the kids and are also a good vantage point to see the boats and river bank (or “beach” as my city dwelling kids termed it!).

Cutty Sark

From there it’s a short stroll over to the wonderful Cutty Sark, beautifully restored since its maiden voyage in the 19th century. There are three levels to explore with a mix of displays and interactive exhibits for all ages to enjoy. On the top deck you can visit the cabins and communal areas and even have a go at being Captain.


Weekend Activities

At weekends and on Bank Holidays there are often kids’ activities and today we enjoyed a storytelling session from the “mother” of one of the crew members in period dress – I would suggest this session would work best for school-age kids.

Maritime Museum

We then went on – via the bustling High Street which has a whole host of family-friendly eateries – to the Maritime Museum and Greenwich Park.

The museum is beautifully light and airy, and those who are interested in life at sea will be in their element perusing the exhibits. Those who prefer a bit of rough and tumble will love the Ahoy! play zone directly to the left as you enter. This play area is fantastic for little ones – I would suggest up to about 7 years old (with a separate section for babies and toddlers) and had some really imaginative areas to explore, from a play fishmongers shop to a cargo loading area for a ship and a shipbuilders yard.

Royal Observatory

If you have a family with kids at either end of the age spectrum this would be a good time to head up to the Observatory with older children, around a 10-minute walk uphill from the back of the museum through the gorgeous Greenwich Park. If not, do as we did and head to the cafe for some much needed afternoon tea!

Kidadl In The Know

Top tips to ensure you make the most of your outing

Cutty Sark Tips



You can visit the Cutty Sark with a buggy, a lift is cleverly situated to get to each floor (although there is only one!).


Under fives go free, a single adult ticket is £13.50, over 5 is £7 and a family ticket starts from £24. You can buy an all-in-one ticket which includes access to the Royal Observatory too for a discount price or a ticket to include a boat trip on the Thames Clipper (this must be booked online).


The basement floor of the Cutty Sark features a well-appointed cafe where kids can have a sandwich or you can enjoy a family picnic. There is also loads of space for a runaround in the basement and changing facilities.

Kidadl's top tip

Don’t miss the rocking benches on the ‘tween deck and the interactive sailing map.

Maritime Museum Tips



The car park at the Maritime Museum is a hidden gem in that it brings you to the centre of all the action and stops the endless trawl for a parking space. The catch – it is only open on Sundays and Bank Holidays and fills up by 10.30/11am.


Free to enter.

Best Time to Visit

At peak times there is a short queue for the Ahoy! play area – try to visit either shortly after opening or towards the end of the day to avoid the rushs.


The cafe has a better range of lunch options than the cutty sark cafe including a pick n mix sandwich box element for kids, salads and some hot food and chips.


There are some water features outside by the cafe that the kids loved.


Bring a ball or some games and a picnic mat to enjoy Greenwich Park behind the museum.

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